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What is Cardiac (Heart) Screening?
– Screening examinations are tests performed to find disease before symptoms begin. The goal of screening is to detect disease at its earliest and most treatable stage
– A screening program must meet a number of criteria, including reducing the number of deaths from the given disease.
– Screening tests may include laboratory tests to check blood and other fluids, genetic tests that look for inherited genetic markers linked to disease, and imaging tests that produce pictures of the inside of the body.

Why we need heart screening?
– The best way to prevent heart disease is understanding and managing your risk factors.
– It can help determine if you need to make lifestyle modifications or seek further treatment for potential heart conditions.

When should you start getting your heart check?
Regular examinations and screenings related to heart health should begin at 20 years old, with most tests being performed every 2 to 4 years. Such measures can often clue both patient and physician into any potential heart problems before serious health complications occur.

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